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Boss quest links

Postby Ronnet » Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:26 am

When you get into a big boss battle, you might find an option to invite friends. On the same page, an invitation link is given. The link is actually much longer than is visible, so to get it fully, you'd either have to drag-select it from left end to far right way after the box itself ends....or to get the link by right-clicking and selecting to copy it.

Anyway, as everything else in this game, the links come in different formats depending on where the quest owner is playing - it can be Facebook, Disruptorbeam, Kongregate, or something else. Kongregate links will not work for Facebook players and so on. There is a way to get around this issue - you just have to copy the numerical code at the end of the link to the link format that you use yourself.



Kongregate: ... oin_quest/

Armor Games: ... oin_quest/

Links that are shared directly via ingame invitations are not affected by this.

You can also post your own quest links into the thread here to have others help you on quests :)
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