Having trouble with Facebook app?

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Having trouble with Facebook app?

Postby Joseph Snow » Tue May 06, 2014 3:51 pm

I have been playing GoT: Ascent via the facebook app since I started playing the game last year. It has been frustrating most of the time because it loads very slow and often crashes. When I say it often crashes, I mean it crashes several times per day. I actually thought it was just my computer, but yesterday I stopped using the Facebook app and started playing GoT:A at disruptor beam. The difference is incredible!

So, if you are having similar trouble, I would suggest that you try making the switch as well. It's not that difficult to make the switch (if you are primarily using a PC). I don't use a tablet or other device, so I can't comment on that front.

Here is the link:


After you click on that link, you will see the Register screen. Underneath where it says "Email", you will see a link that says, "Already playing on Facebook". Click that. Then enter your email address that's associated with your facebook account and submit. It will send an email to you. Open it and click on the provided link. It will take you to disruptor beam and ask you to create a password. After creating and verifying your password, you should be all set to begin playing GoT:A without facebook.

If you have any trouble, just respond here and I'll try to help you out.
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