Attack and defense values

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Attack and defense values

Postby Ronnet » Mon Apr 21, 2014 5:29 pm

The attack and defense values of Sworn Swords is a combination of different factors: Equipment you wear, Buildings you have built, and Equipment that the SS wears. The stats at the top left of your screen indicate bonuses from main character's equipment + buildings. These apply to all sworn swords you have. Sworn Swords themselves can have stats and equipment that further increase their attack/defense values. To make things more complicated, there are many things granting % increase to something - and THIS is not taken into account in any of the easily visible numbers.

tl;dr : It is difficult to find out the real attack and defense power of your SS.

To find out the real attack value of your Sworn Swords, follow these steps:
    (1) Select the sworn sword.
    (2) Click on "ADVENTURE"
    (3) Click on any adventure and click on the action for which you want to get the attack value.
    (4) See what the number is showing as the attack value of your SS. No need to actually send the SS out, the number you get from there is your final attack value after taking all % into account.

To find out the real defense value of your SS, follow these steps:
    (1) Select the sworn sword.
    (2) Click on "PLAYER TO PLAYER"
    (3) Click on "PATROL"
    (4) Click on the action for which you want to get the defense value. The sworn sword will then go out patrolling.
    (5) You will be booted back to the list of your SS. Choose the same one again and click on "VIEW/RECALL".
    (6) The number it shows is the defense value for this SS when defending against that type of action
    (7) Don't forget to Recall your SS if you don't want to leave it defending!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. Sometimes it's useful to check whether it would be better to use a +6 intrigue companion or a +3% spy one.
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